SEAC Flugzeugheck
SEAC - SESAR European Airports Consortium
  • Integration of airports in the ATM network
  • Performance driven airport management
  • Adaptive solutions for local needs
  • Improvement of environmental sustainability


One of the key SEAC goals is the introduction of new procedures and technologies to prepare airports for the air traffic demand expected for 2020 and beyond. Consequently, airports have to become a part of the Air-Traffic-Management (ATM) network, integrating the local planning in the Network Operations Plan.

As another SEAC goal integrated planning and information sharing will be the basis for collaborative decisions and a performance driven airport management. This is of particular importance in situations of reduced capacity such as bad weather, strikes etc.

However, there will not be one solution that fits all airports. The major challenge will be to reach these goals while at the same time giving each airport the room to account for its local situation and to pursue its individual business plan.

SEAC is committed to ensure improvement of the environmental sustainability of future air traffic extending our relationship to the communities in the neighborhood of airports.